"Our nation's education system is failing all too many of its students. Fortunately, Heritage understands the critical need of higher education in America.  And it's helping students beat the odds.  Even more important, colleges like Heritage are changing the odds.  They are showing the way toward a new model for education that gives today's students what they need to thrive."

William Gates Sr., Co-Chair
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

"Heritage takes in the students nobody else believes in or wants to invest in -- the young people who grew up doing manual labor, who are the first in their families to go on to higher education, who need some extra help getting prepared for college.  And it turns out very hardworking, successful graduates who can compete with the best of them.  These are precisely the kind of people we need working at Costco."
Paul Moulton
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Costco
Board Member, Heritage University

"I was first drawn to Heritage by Paul Moulton, a colleague who also serves on the board.  Paul introduced me to this small, but mighty, institution filled with capable students creating a better life for themselves and their families.  Like many of these students, I am a minority from a small community, and it's inspiring to see some of the challenges these students overcome on their journey toward earning a degree."
Frank Padilla
Vice President, GMM Product & Meat
Costco Wholesale

"What makes me personally excited about Heritage University is that the mission [to provide higher education to the underserved and elevate the entire Yakima Valley] is so strong and so important and so powerful that they deserve a campus and a place that works as closely as possible with that mission."
Tom Kundig
Olson Kundig Architects

"As a premier agricultural region, the Yakima Valley is home to many whose families chose to make it their home as they worked the fields and farms.  Education has played a key role in advancing careers, incomes and the lives of these families and has widespread positive impacts on our community.  We're proud to support the university's efforts to provide scholarships and accessible, quality education to these families and others who call our community home."
Tom Stokes
Treetop, Inc.

"I am passionate about supporting the future employees, managers, business owners and community leaders in the Yakima Valley and beyond.  Heritage graduates stand out in a competitive job market.  Many of them work full time while pursuing their education , many speak multiple languages and all have an incredible drive to achieve greatness."
Rick Pinnell
Heritage University
Board Chair

"During the past twenty years we have received countless handwritten than-you notes from Heritage students.  We fondly call these cards 'our dividends' from our investment in our Heritage scholarship program.  Messages expressing their personal thanks let us know that, in our own small way, we have perhaps helped create what may be the first opportunity for many of these young people to take care of their futures and fulfill their greatest potential.  As we receive these 'dividends,' it serves as a gentle reminder to continue investing in our scholarship."
Jim & Dee Barnhill
The Dee & Jim Barnhill
Scholarship Fund

"Coming from a very humble Yakima Valley family with limited education, I know what it is to reach for the stars.  Heritage makes a college education and a life of learning and the pursuit of excellence reachable goals for many of our brightest and best.  I love and support Heritage University."
Lloyd H. Butler, DO
Founding Board Member and Past President
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

"My husband and I are strong supporters of Heritage University because we have witnessed firsthand how faculty and staff members help uncover students' talents and encourage their curiosity, no matter what their field of study.  Even when students may enter as hesitant participants, they quickly reveal their passion and commitment to learning.  By graduation they become role models in their families, confident leaders in their communities and stronger assets in their places of work."
Paula Linnen
Associate Laboratory Director
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"We are fortunate at the Washington Apple Education Foundation to work with many high-quality providers of higher education.  Heritage University stands otu for its commitment to truly meeting the individual needs of each student.  We share a commitment to seeing students through to successful degree completion and career preparation."
Jennifer Witherbee
Executive Director
Washington Apple Education Foundation

"Heritage University and the Yakama Nation are woven together in a fabric that supports our community.  From employing our tribal workers on projects like the recent campus expansion to educating our teachers, social workers, business leaders, scientists and health care providers, Heritage is making an impact on the success of our community.  Together, Yakama Nation and Heritage Universiy are striving to make a lasting impact on the success of our community."
Tamara Spencer
Tero Director
Yakama Nation

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