"Our founding mission as a college was tangible to me.  We had about 80 students, most of them were the first in their families to attend college.  So for me the mission wasn't abstract - it was these 80 people who were relying on us.  So we had to make it work.  We found a building, and we had classes in our one classroom or out under the sycamore tree.  That was actually an assigned meeting place:  under the sycamore tree!  That same dedication is still at the heart of Heritage today -- to help students develop their talents so they can contribute to their communities."

Dr. Kathleen Ross, snjm
Founding President 
Heritage University

"The supportive faculty and staff understood the unique challenges faced by my classmates and me, working with each of us to ensure that we had opportunities to develop our skills and careers."
-- Crystal Bass, '04, Business Administration

"There are more than 20,000 other wines we compete with worldwide.  Executives are relying on me so they can make the rigth marketing choices and stay competitive"
-- Brenda Castañeda, '07, Business Administration

"My experience at Heritage prepared me for my dream job in social work.  As the first in may family to attend college, I've been able to serve as a role model for my six younger siblings."
-- Lili Sanchez, '08, Social Work

"Heritage changed my life.  It transformed me from someone with limited options to someone on the cusp of a new career in a field I'm passionate about."
-- Fernando Ornelas, '14, Psychology

"My mom finished second grade and my dad finished third grade in Mexico and have done farm work ever since -- they still do it.  It was eye-opening for me to see that there was something other than farm work.  I feel lucky to have gone to Heritage -- it opened so many new doors for me.  Heritage students are diamonds in the rough."
-- Alejandra "Alex" Vera, '05, Business Administration

"I am proud to be a Heritage University student and am so thankful for the investments that this university is making in our future and the future of students to come."
-- Marcus Morales, '16, Mathematics

"Heritage has given me a sense of value, an understanding that I and every person at this university has something to offer the Yakima Valley."
-- Dahlton Madison, 2014/15 SGA Vice President, Act Six Scholar

"The people, the environment, the experiences - everything about Heritage helped me mature and grow as a person."
-- Mario Farias, '14, Environmental Science

"Heritage gave me the foundation I needed to pursue my dream of beign a teacher."
-- Krista Goudy-Sutterlict, '04, Education